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What to look for in a lawyer after you have been in an auto accident

Car accidents can range from simple fender benders to more serious auto collisions resulting in bodily harm. The more serious a car wreck is, the more complicated the case due to higher stakes for everyone involved. Even a simple fender bender may end up being a complicated matter.

No matter what kind of an accident you are involved in, one of your first considerations should be whether or not to retain an experienced auto accident attorney. But with so many different and skilled attorneys who specialize in auto accidents, what can you do to make sure you wind up with the best possible fit for your situation?

Assuming that you don’t need acute medical care, if your accident is fairly significant, you should begin searching for an attorney within a week or two after your accident. Possibly sooner if the other party or their insurance company has indicated the potential for litigation or did not treat you with care and respect in your initial contacts. Another reason to retain an attorney early on is because there will be a fair amount of work in collecting all the available forensic evidence related to the case, and that evidence is best preserved if it is collected as early as possible in the building of a case.

If your accident involved injuries to you or your passengers, not only will you want a seasoned auto accident attorney, you’ll want one who has experience in litigating personal injury cases in front of a judge. When physical injuries are involved, it takes a case to a whole new level.

The attorney you select should be skilled in both, negotiating settlements with insurance companies and bringing a case to trial, if it is warranted. Although a vast majority of cases never reach a trial phase, it is always good to know you have someone who stands the best possible chance of winning if it comes down to that situation. The attorney should also have a thorough understanding of local, state and national transportation laws.

Finally, find an attorney who clearly explains his or her fee structure so that you know what to expect as things move forward. Many lawyers will take cases on a contingency basis, collecting only if they win a case, but in those instances, there will still be a certain amount of out-of-pocket expenses you will be expected to deal with.

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