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Contested Divorce

Complex High-asset divorces involve many factors

In some instances of divorce, the husband and wife are able to reach an amicable settlement with little or no help from an attorney. These cases mostly happen when there are few assets and no children involved.

However, couples that have a high net worth, or considerable business assets will generally be involved in a contested divorce, requiring the services of high asset and complex divorce attorneys.

Unwinding assets can take time and require a lot of forensic accounting to get an accurate picture of where a couple is financially, accurately deciding which spouse is entitled to what assets is time-consuming as well.

In some cases, a pre- or post-nuptial agreement may come into play, helping to pre-determine who is entitled to what, but even then, some agreements are not well structured or did not account for all possible asset permutations when it was drafted. In other instances, an attorney may be able to argue on behalf of their client that certain properties and assets are not subject to community property laws, or they may need to take strong and definitive steps to compel the other side to full disclosure, so that no assets are sold or hidden during the separation process.

In a high asset divorce, it is also determined how much each party is entitled to in a business interest, as well as what rights each person has regarding pensions, patents, royalties or income from various intellectual properties created during the course of the marriage.

In many situations, an attorney will seek out subject matter experts to help determine a fair value for various assets. For example, if investment artwork is involved, a well-known art dealer may be called upon to place a value on the works. A patent attorney may be called upon where intellectual rights are part of the equation. Realtors may be called upon to help place a value on properties that a part of the divorce proceeding.

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