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Determining who is liable can be a complicated matter in construction site accidents

Working on a construction site is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. The combination of a bustling construction site, hundreds of workers, and heavy equipment all working under tight deadlines means that constructions accidents are inevitable.

The government has a series of protective laws in place under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is the federal organization under the Department of Labor that is tasked with making sure there are safe and healthy working conditions for U.S. workers in all types of working environments.

In the case of a construction accident, all a representative lawyer needs to do is prove that an OSHA regulation was breached and that will meet the test of liability. Once liability is proven, the stage is set to seek damages through the filing of a suit.

Placing blame on who is liable for a construction site injury may be a bit more problematic, which is why construction site accident cases can become very complicated.

Generally, the larger the project, the larger the number of parties that may be held liable. In a larger project, there is more delegation of tasks, and when tasks are delegated, it can also lead to the delegation of legal responsibility.

On a construction site, the landowner may or may not cede responsibility to a general contractor, releasing them from some or all of their liability. A general contractor will employ several sub-contractors, ranging from plumbers and electricians to steel workers, concrete and drywall workers. Each one may be responsible for their own area of the project, including being responsible for hiring competent workers to do the job.

Even before the project turns one shovel of dirt, architects and engineers are responsible for making sure the project is designed in a safe manner, meeting all construction standards and code requirements.

Each one of these players in a large construction project can be a party to a construction liability suit, but sorting out who is responsible can be a considerable and challenging task.

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