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A contingency fee lawyer will work hard for the both of you

When a person retains an attorney, one of the big questions that pops up almost immediately is “How much is this going to cost me?” Much like the question “What color is the car?”, the answer is going to vary depending on how complicated the case is and what form of billing the lawyer uses.

There are two main ways a lawyer is compensated. In cases where straightforward legal work is involved, such as setting up a will, helping a business become incorporated, an attorney will charge an hourly fee, or they may charge a flat fee based on what specific task they perform.

However, in cases where the acquisition of money is involved, such as seeking a settlement after a car accident or a personal injury situation, lawyers will take cases on a contingency basis. A contingency fee lawyer will collect no fee unless they win your case. This essentially puts both of you on the same side and gives the lawyer all the incentive they need to draw upon their considerable skills to earn you the best possible settlement.

You and your lawyer will agree on a fixed percentage of the recovery of the amount you are paid when they win your case. The percentage amount may vary, but it is generally in the neighborhood of one-third of the total settlement amount.

While this can relieve much of the financial burden on you in a stressful time in your life, you need to understand that even though a lawyer takes a case on a contingency basis, you will still have expenses related to your case. This will include expenses such as court filing fees, costs to depose witnesses, costs to hire expert witnesses, and other related charges. These expenses are normally deducted from the gross settlement proceeds at the time a cient's case is settled.

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