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Premises liability can take many forms

When you are invited to someone’s property, either as a guest or as a tenant, or for any other reason, the owner of the property has the responsibility to keep their property reasonably safe. This is the case whether it is a private property such as an apartment building, a private residence, a condo complex or a commercial property such as an office building or a mall.

However, there are dozens of scenarios when a property owner can fall short of their obligation, creating a dangerous environment. Some of those scenarios may include:

  • Slipping and falling on a wet floor or pavement
  • If an unchained or a known dangerous dog bites you
  • If you fall down a flight of stairs due to loose handrails or because of low lighting
  • A malfunctioning elevator or escalator
  • Poor security leading to assault or injury
  • A swimming pool drowning because there was no fence
  • Fire due to poorly maintained appliances or equipment

The list can go on and on, encompassing a wide range of scenarios.

The bottom line is that a property owner has a legal obligation to keep up their property to a certain standard known as reasonable care of ownership, or they may face a premises liability claim. An attorney can make the case for negligence in any number of ways. But they must be able to prove that the property owner knew the condition existed and that they had enough time to discover and correct it.

However, if a property owner can show they made an attempt to fix the problem, they may be able to meet the standard of a reasonable defense. Ultimately, it is up to the plaintiff and an experienced premises liability attorney to provide the burden of proof in cases such as these.

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